Monday, September 01, 2014

Starbucks Stars as Korea’s Women Battle Demographic Drag - Bloomberg

Starbucks Stars as Korea’s Women Battle Demographic Drag - Bloomberg: "When former kindergarten teacher Kim Sun Sung tried to re-join South Korea’s workforce after five years raising her children, she found it tough. Then 41, Kim was either told she was too old or had been out of work too long.

“It wasn’t easy to find a decent job,” said Kim, now 48 and working as a consultant at a Seoul private-study school. “I didn’t want to end my life like that, with my expertise being wasted.”

Park Geun Hye, the nation’s first female president, is listening. Her administration has named and shamed companies including Hyundai Motor Co. for not having enough part-time jobs for women, while praising Starbucks Corp. (SBUX), Samsung Electronics Co. and Lotte Group. She’s pledged to boost the participation rate of women in the workforce to 61.9 percent by 2017 from 53.5 percent in 2012, warning of a “long tunnel” of depression unless every economic lever is mobilized."

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Designing food packaging is child's play – so be afraid, brand managers | David Mitchell | Comment is free | The Observer

Designing food packaging is child's play – so be afraid, brand managers | David Mitchell | Comment is free | The Observer: "Dear Kellogg's,
As an enthusiastic Corn Flakes eater, I was moved to write to inform you of various changes in the world of which you appear to be unaware: very few people nowadays are awakened by cockerel. Even those in farming communities have come to rely on alarm clocks or smartphones. This makes the large picture of a male chicken plastered all over your product's packaging confusing, and possibly offputting to vegetarians and vegans who would otherwise be a core market for your bacon-and-eggless breakfast alternative. May I suggest a close-up of an iPhone's alarm app as a more contemporary backdrop to a photograph of a bowl of your meatless flakes?

Dear Planters Peanuts,
At a time when the government has been rightly condemned for the number of millionaires and public schoolboys in the cabinet, I was frankly appalled to see the elitist way in which you market your product. A monocled, spatted and ebony-cane-carrying peanut surely cannot be the best way inclusively to recommend your snack to modern Britain? "Mr Peanut" (as the writing on his top hat proclaims his name to be, though, from his attire, I suspect that Lord Peanut – or, at the very least, the Honourable Mr Peanut – is more accurate) seems completely out of touch with today's hard-working snack eater."

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Medtronic- the device company that devises "pay for escape to Ireland" tax avoidance

Medtronic Will Pay CEO’s $25 Million Tax Bill on Merger - Bloomberg: "Medtronic Inc. (MDT) plans to pick up a $25 million tax bill for Chief Executive Officer Omar Ishrak, the cost of a special penalty imposed by Congress on executives who shift their company’s tax domiciles out of the U.S.

The company is also paying a $38 million tab for the rest of its top officers and directors, Minneapolis-based Medtronic said in a filing with U.S. regulators. The tax penalty arises from Medtronic’s plan to adopt an Irish address as part of its takeover of Covidien Plc.

The requirement stems from a 2004 law meant to discourage CEO’s from lowering their companies’ tax bills by shifting their legal addresses out of the U.S. It imposes an excise tax, currently 15 percent, on the value of any restricted stock or unexercised options the executives hold at the time of the transaction."

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Medical tourism generates millions for NHS and wider economy, finds study | Society | The Guardian

Medical tourism generates millions for NHS and wider economy, finds study | Society | The Guardian: "Medical tourism is a lucrative source of income for the NHS, according to a major new study that contradicts many of the assumptions behind the government's announcement that it will clamp down on foreigners abusing the health service.

Eighteen hospitals – those deemed most likely to be making money from overseas patients – earned £42m in 2010, according to researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and York University. Medical tourists spent an estimated £219m on hotels, restaurants, shopping and transport in the UK.

The researchers also found that more people leave the UK seeking medical treatment abroad than arrive in this country for care: about 63,000 people from the country travelled to hospitals and clinics abroad in 2010, while considerably fewer, about 52,000 people, came here.

The research flies in the face of assertions by Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, that the tourists cost the health service money."

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