Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Student comments during yet another Fall Term - Fall 2014

Good morning, I got accepted for the MBAA Conference in Chicago. This makes me very happy and my family is very proud. I am so thankful that you encouraged me to apply for it and for all your support that you've given me. LW.

Thank you so much for the help! It's nice to have a professor that cares enough about graduates to help out after they're gone! I am currently looking in a wide array of industries right now. I have turned down 5+ job offers because I don't want to settle for a job when I know I can strive for something better with more growth... NP

I just wanted to let you know I've made my decision! I'm accepting ABC's offer. EFG left me a voicemail message today so I will call them back tomorrow and tell them no and then call ABC to accept. Thanks for all your help in my decision process! :)  EC

I really enjoyed your class this year. I feel as though I learned a lot -- especially from the SPSS and Conjoint Analysis tools. I also really enjoyed visiting Mariano's, and the simulation was a fun part of the course. Thank you for being such a great teacher and great advisor, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday break....NR

Of course I got an A in finance! I always fulfill my promises :)  MH

Thank you for your help today with the Indian showcase. I think it went well and I was pleased that the three students participated. I was really interested in your experiences growing up and in the intricacies of the languages. My apologies for leaving before you finished. BG

The plaque has been installed. It looks great. thanks for everything you have done for me... HN

 The fact that you thought I was nomination worthy is award enough for me! DM

Thank you so much for the email! I worked very hard for those grades and I truly appreciate the recognition.  NR

I'm AN, a junior this year.  I'm an Education Major and am thinking about adding a minor in business administration.  My brother,  said you would be a good person to talk to and get your perspective.

I hope you had as great of a summer as I did. Now it's finally time for me to find a big girl job. I might have an opportunity at a part time position for the moment at XYZ so I am wondering if you would be able to write a recommendation letter? I know this is a busy time for you with the new school year just starting, but I would really appreciate your help... ID

Thanks so much for your constant support  KK

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bad News for Florida: Models of Greenland Ice Melting Could Be Way Off - NBC

Bad News for Florida: Models of Greenland Ice Melting Could Be Way Off - NBC "Existing computer models may be severely underestimating the risk to Greenland's ice sheet — which would add 20 feet to sea levels if it all melted — from warming temperatures, according to two studies released Monday.

Satellite data were instrumental for both studies — one which concludes that Greenland is likely to see many more lakes that speed up melt, and the other which better tracks large glaciers all around Earth's largest island.

The lakes study, published in the peer-reviewed Nature Climate Change, found that what are called "supraglacial lakes" have been migrating inland since the 1970s as temperatures warm, and could double on Greenland by 2060.

UN Chief Calls For Drastic Action On Climate ChangeNBC NEWS

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The study upends models used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change because they "didn't allow for lake spreading, so the work has to be done again," study co-author Andrew Shepherd, director of Britain's Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling, told

Those lakes can speed up ice loss since, being darker than the white ice, they can absorb more of the sun's heat and cause melting. The melt itself creates channels through the ice sheet to weaken it further, sending ice off the sheet and into the ocean.

"When you pour pancake batter into a pan, if it rushes quickly to the edges of the pan, you end up with a thin pancake," study lead author Amber Leeson, a researcher at Britain's University of Leeds, explained in a statement. "It's similar to what happens with ice sheets: The faster it flows, the thinner it will be."

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Greenland ice loss more 'local' than thought, climate study says - LA Times

Greenland ice loss more 'local' than thought, climate study says - LA Times: "When it comes to melting ice on Greenland, climate change experts got everything right but the present.

That means Greenland’s contribution to sea level rise this century remains roughly the same – three inches – but where it comes from and how it gets to the ocean are now more clear, according to a new study that crunched 20 years of NASA data.

The findings will make climate models far more precise, according to the researchers.

Greenland ice sheet secret revealed: a chasm rivaling the Grand Canyon
Until now, the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change based its estimation of ice loss from Greenland on the four largest of an estimated 242 major outlet glaciers on that land mass, and admitted its modeling was at a “fairly early stage,” according to the study.

The new study, published online Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reconstructs ice thickness at about 100,000 sites, at a scale of single glaciers or drainage basins.

Climate change may be baring Mt. Everest

“These are billions of measurements, so the actual number of observations is really huge,” said the study’s lead author, Beata Csatho, a geophysicist at the University at Buffalo, N.Y.

There are about 656,000 square miles of ice on Greenland, or roughly three times the acreage of Texas. If all of that ice melted, it would raise average sea levels about 20 feet, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center."

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Demon drink: greatest public health issue of our age

Demon drink: greatest public health issue of our age: "In my opinion, Ireland is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Recent media reports stated more than 1,000 people have died in Ireland from alcohol-related illness in the past 12 months. We are a nation of addicts at the mercy of an ambivalent Government with a neo-liberal agenda which panders to the demands of a self-regulating drinks industry.
Minimum alcohol pricing planned for the North
Canadian youth pushed to despair in poverty-stricken indigenous community
Areas with many pubs have triple the alcohol deaths - Scottish study
Policymakers ignore the fact we have a serious problem with substance abuse which ultimately poses a greater threat to the economic and social fabric of Irish life than any bank crisis or property collapse ever could.
There are 2.48 million people in Ireland who drink alcohol and 54 per cent of those drink harmfully. There were no tax increases on alcohol in this year’s budget, even though pricing is widely identified as an effective means of reducing use. The Public Health Alcohol Bill, announced in October 2013, aims only at reducing consumption and falls short of addressing the social factors behind alcohol abuse."

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